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Need a Mortgage? Here’s What Lenders Look For

If you’re ready to stop paying rent to a third party and start putting your money towards establishing equity in a home you can call your own, getting your financial ducks in a row is of prime importance. After all, you don’t want to fall head over heels for a house...

Where My Student Loan Debt Landed Me

2016 marks five years from my college graduation. I’ve been adulting, with various degrees of success, for five whole years now. I’ve held a plethora of jobs over that time, from waitress to Development Director. I’ve also experienced periods of underemployment. I’ve...

Don’t Make These 5 Credit Card Mistakes

When I was eighteen, with my first few meager paychecks under my belt and a new sense of adult pride, I went shopping. As I laid the items on the counter to pay, the cashier asked if I would like to sign up for a card to receive a discount on the items. Somehow I only...

How to Compare Mortgage Loan Products

In the age of the internet and quick, expansive searching, comparison shopping is commonplace. It’s easy to read through reviews, scout out the price at a few different retailers, and then make the purchase feeling as if you did your due diligence. Shopping for a...

Student Loan Refinance vs. Consolidation

The common person searching to get help online will most likely assume that Student Loan Refinance and Consolidation are the same.  This is not necessarily true in the student loan realm. Important Differences: Student loan debt has reached an high of $1.3 trillion in...


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